About Me



I’m Theresa. I grew up on a small horse farm in Michigan and then decided that moving to the city would be fun. So I enrolled at New York University, spent my first year of college in  London, and then went on to the Big Apple (and also spent another semester abroad in Prague). I studied media, film, and entertainment business before graduating in May 2017; I’m currently located in Detroit, MI. I love photography, horseback riding, the outdoors, and traveling.

Film & Photography

One rainy day when I was 12, I watched all of the special feature footage of Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings series and decided that I wanted to be a film director (which eventually became a television producer, but close enough). I made silly home videos with my siblings while I was growing up, and started compiling a portfolio in earnest once I got to college. I volunteered to either help others with their films or make them on my own for other people, which eventually led to actually getting paid to make videos for people. I’ve taken filmmaking classes while at New York University and am currently trying to add new forms of video content to my resume- as of now, I have contributed to or produced 25 videos of various formats and genres. I mostly work with DSLRs, but have experience with professional-grade cameras.

I got my first point-and-shoot digital camera when I started high school, and since then have accumulated a vast collection of photographs. I entered a few photography competitions as a teenager and won some prizes, and I’ve had a photo featured in Horse Illustrated magazine. I’ve also taken a film photography class through my university and learned all the technical know-how. I mostly photograph portraits (human and animal) and equestrian activities, but I have experience in a variety of genres and am always willing to try new things.

Why “A Wandering Tree”?

Because Tree is my nickname and I love to wander!

To learn more about my work, go to www.theresaschmid.com